How was it possible to lead such happy, untroubled lives when the war was going so badly for us in that period: We learnt our lessons, played our games, were warm and well fed and had fun without any undue worries for the future.

I think the School, and probably Fawcett House in particular, offered a security and stability founded on a strong Christian faith that nothing could shake. It pervaded the atmosphere and one was caught up in it without being able to explain it or put a finger on it. Now, with the hindsight of war-time documentaries etc. on T.V. I think morale was kept up by a deliberate lack of information. Even so, if the worst had happened with a German invasion, I can remember thinking that the safest place to be was at school.

So, happy memories, much gratitude to Eva and Polly for blessings received 1940-42.