I adored Polly – my father was killed in the war and my mother eventually married a brother officer, whom I really hated and resented at that time, (learned to love him later). Then my grandmother who was the “holder together” died and Polly was so wonderful each time I was called in and told these things. She was so amazingly human and down to earth, sensible and never pushed religion down your throat in difficult times. I could always talk to her and kept in touch till the end. I shall never forget early on standing outside her door shaking. I had broken my false teeth (on one of the few toffees we had) and was so frightened that I would get a monumental rocket, also highly embarrassed. She was so sweet and I was put on the next train to my dentist. I have been very bad at keeping in touch with anyone, had to work hard as a farmer’s wife and as for a C.V, never had one in my life:’ I can’t think that this will be any help, but lovely to hear from you, with best wishes and happy memories.

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