Thursday 18/1/40 – Went back to school. I have moved above Jill, Mary and Alison in house order.

Friday 19/1/40 – Then instead of games we went for the stale old seven minutes radius walk . . . In the evening we played Monopoly.

Saturday 20/1/40 – In the afternoon the others went down to look over the Cathedral … We listened to Garrison Theatre on the wireless.

Thursday 25/1/40 – I had a temperature so had to stay in bed. About 10.30 I moved up into the spare room where I had the wireless to listen to.

Friday 26/1/40 – My temperature was normal so I got up in the morning at about eleven o’clock and had Ovaltine and three chocolate biscuits.

Sunday 28/1/40 – After lunch we had letter writing and Miss Manning told us about Lent.

Monday 29/1/40 – After supper Miss Manning read out the things people dislike and like.

Thursday 1/2/40 – It was Jill Langley’s birthday, she was 14 years old. She had a lovely coffee birthday cake which was very good indeed.

Sunday 4/2/40 – After letter writing I helped Miss Manning cut out Mission garments.

Friday 9/2/40 – For the first time this term a few people played games. We went for a walk up towards Old Sarum.

Monday 12/2/40 – We are reading a jolly good detective story for Darning.

Tuesday 13/2/40 – We had the first of our house dance practises in the second half of games time today, we have got some quite nice songs.

Wednesday 14/2/40 – It was very cold. As the coke was running out, we all had to get our baths in, in free time. At lunch Miss Manning gave us a lecture on calling staff by their Christian names, she had heard Pamela Tozer calling her Eva.

Friday 16/2/40 – As I had glands I had a late breakfast in Miss Manning’s room (with others). Dr. Armitage came and found we had all got German Measles. So we packed ourselves off to the San.

Monday 19/2/40 – After tea Miss Manning came and fetched us (from the San).

Friday 23/2/40 – Anne Harvey and Jill Langley went to the San. After prayers we listened to a talk on a place called “The Settlement” in London where poor people meet.

Sunday 25/2/40 – We played “Pooh sticks” under the bridge at the bottom of school hill.

Thursday 29/2/40 – We did Acrobats in Big Sit after supper.

Friday 1/3/40 – Jill Langley came back from the San.

Thursday 7/3/40 – Jill Langley has got German Measles.

Friday 8/3/40 – After supper Dr. Thornton gave a lecture on X-rays. He brought an X-ray set with him. It was a marvelous lecture.

Sunday 10/3/40 – Went to St. Martin’s 10.30 a.m. service. Miss Manning took nearly the whole school as she was about the only well mistress in the whole school . . . We gardened in the afternoon.

Monday 11/3/40 – After supper Miss Manning gave us a confirmation class about how to pray. Friday 23/3/40 – We went to part of the three hour service in the Cathedral, it was very boring.

Saturday 24/3/40 – At 6.30 p.m. in the Hulse Room the eggs which we had painted as Easter eggs were judged. Jill Langley got third prize.

Thursday 26/3/40 – All confirmation candidates had a late breakfast. We came out of lessons at eleven. At twelve the Dean came and talked for about ten minutes. We then went to the Cathedral and were confirmed by the Bishop of Salisbury.

Thursday 28/3/40 – Jill Langley and Ruth Garrett got their girdles this term.

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