My memories of Fawcett and Miss Manning are happy. How carefree life seemed in those pre-war days. When school work was over there were the happy evenings, sometimes mending or Mission work sessions in `Big Sit’ made so pleasant, instead of being a bore, by Eva’s wonderful reading to us. I remember too how freezing cold it was dressing in the morning – no central heating in those days, we weren’t ‘nannied’ as they are now, were we -just helped by Flossie bringing cans of hot water to make washing less agonising.

These little bits are, I know, too late and not of importance. I fear I only knew Polly from teaching Divinity, having left Godolphin before she became Housemistress.

I am joint secretary of our local O.G.A. group and we meet other contemporaries, some from Fawcett, quite regularly. It is good to keep up with folk where we all have those times in common and to reminisce. Tomorrow in fact. I’m going over to Patricia Rycroft (Kitto, St. Margaret’s, both in my form) for lunch, where I think Joan Young (Innes) and Deirdre Hall (Elmes) will be. Elizabeth loved seeing you and Ruth last summer and showed me photographs of you all. I think Daphne Goddard, too, was there?

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