Thinking of Godolphin always brings back happy memories, with a sense of safety and security – despite the war years – under the strict eye of Eva. Her fairness and sense of humour appeared many times with her dealings with us. I can hear her saying even now, after I had rushed downstairs two at a time, “Go to the top of the stairs and walk down slowly.” And how she made books “live”, while reading to us during Mission work and darning. One of her sayings was “If you cannot eat your food, you can go to bed instead.” On one occasion, Ruth did so and retired to bed. Some of us smuggled up some food to her dormitory – when to our horror Eva walked in, stern, but with a twinkle in her eye and no more was said! Polly, I remember as a quiet, dear person, with an ever ready ear to one’s problems. I feel our memories and loyalty to Godolphin, and especially Fawcett, have given us a sense of unity so that even now we like to meet and talk about our happy school days.

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