I am amazed at the VI former not knowing what F or Fawcett were. I can quite honestly say that I am always very grateful I was sent to Godolphin. It gave one a wonderful grounding and the friends I met and still do are always great, and one’s earlier friends are much more than one’s present ones. One’s formative years are special. Fawcett to me was wonderful when I look back on my time there. Eva was great; a great sense of humour, and yet firm (super)!! I had left when Polly came to Fawcett but I remember her well taking Divinity and drawing one back, such as explaining something only to find one member of her class looking out of the window far away with other thoughts when suddenly, out of the blue, she would say “Do you agree, Elizabeth?” (“Oh yes, Miss Payne.”) I am very glad I lived when I did, life was much more stable. The early groundwork from school we had helps one tackle the problems that arise now. My love to you, also Ruth and Dido. I do remember our meeting at Commem.

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